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Untitled Design Conference (UDC) is a creative design conference made for designers, artists, developers, managers, and builders in a one-day learning and hands-on workshop.  

From trans-formative sessions to connecting with like-minded innovators in Africa and the world. UDC provides a space where you’ll be challenged to push yourself in the creative process while drawing inspiration and learning from those thriving in the industry.

It's a hybrid event for not ONLY Designers but for a range of other creative disciplines (artists, entrepreneurs, builders, developers, community leaders) in and within Africa.

Why attend UDC(yeah that's what we call it)


Network with industry leaders, amazing people and design enthusiasts like you, All our speakers have been down in trenches building real career success


Sometimes Google can't answer all your questions. Our mentoring sessions gives you specific answers,
on-demand.We’re bringing the brightest minds together to pass along firsthand knowledge


Its not just a webinar,
Its an Interactive experience . filled with industry leaders sharing real, honest & actionable lessons you can't find online. Get your questions answered live.


Elevate your design game. We won't leave you pondering what to do next. Our talks & workshops are built for going beyond virtual event, covering things like business in design, tools, and the latest trends.

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